Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Fashion Law Institute

Is the first of its kind in the U.S. In Europe, fashion lawyers are called luxury lawyers but this course focuses more on apparel and accessories. "Luxury" can also mean travel and leisure. We studied intellectual property in the field of fashion from the inspiration of a design to its life in retail. We spoke to designers, models and groups whose goals are to preserve and support those involved in the fashion industry. This is mostly centered in New York but is relevant to all involved in fashion domestically and internationally.

How do we battle counterfeits? How can a designer lose their own name to a corporation? What should be addressed in contracts between a model and the model agency?

The fashion industry is the second largest money-maker in the country. It is perplexing how fashion law has yet to become a large field of practice in the U.S. such as entertainment law and sports law. This is what the Fashion Law Institute aims to do. Our class was the second fashion law boot camp. I urge other burgeoning and practicing lawyers to recognize this important field. There is also an added benefit of studying and appreciating fashion through purchases!

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